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Bank of America $99/$500 card

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BofA is so weird. I applied for a CC and they checked EFX...I had a 766 when I applied. Denial for a $25 paid C/O from five years ago...great 128 month history otherwise. No offer for this elusive card.

They then proceeded to send me four "pre-approved" regualr CC offers within a two month period. Ummmmm...???

I had some cash laying around, so I applied for a regular secured. I'm half expecting a denial on that as it's been a week and a half since the 2nd CR check with no response/update/check cash. Been wanting to do business with BofA 'cause I've heard they're liberal with their CLI's on regular CC's.

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I too got this offer after applying for credit, I paid the $99 11 months ago, if you stay current at the end of the year they unsecure it, then if you pay on time for another 6 months the credit line starts to go up.

I spoke with Bofa's approval department a couple of times throughout the year just to get knowlege but they told me with the current handling of the account I will graduate. I am not sure if it is in fact 6 months after it is unsecured they consider CL increases.

I would bet depending on my current credit, I will probably get more quickly. Not sure.

Good Luck. :D

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Anytime you are initially denied for credit, I would always talk for the reconsideration. I call every account that I have applied for and gotten or got denied and speak with the approval departments to get a good picture of why they denied me or approved me.

Generally, each creditor has their own algarythm they use with the FICO report. So there requirements are slightly different from another creditor and so forth. What I have found out is that most CC companies have a red line, and if it comes up above you are approved, below you are not. As far as Income, the creditors actually have no way of confirming your income, they have no system that can do that, they say they can tell from watching your payment history but this does not give them an accurate picture of your income. So your limit is based on that income, and also telling them your income is $35,000 and you already have $12,000 in Open Credit, they may also deny you because if they gave you more credit you could go deep into debt.

So I guess what I am trying to tell you is the income is used by creditors to extend the CL. If you have too much open credit and a low income they will react accordingly.

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My wife and I both applied at the same time for the BOA card. I had an unpaid charge off. My wife has NO credit history at all in this country (She is from South Africa). I was turned down because of the CO - even for a fully secured card - but my wife was approved for the partially secured card! I also called BOA and asked for reconsideration, and I was denied again because of the unpaid CO. I was told by the rep that when the CO was taken care of, I would be approved.

It appears that if you have any kind of unpaid CO, then you will not get any love from BOA. EVEN for a fully secured card.


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I just called TU and had them lift my fraud alert. Then I applied for a BofA card online, and of course was rejected. I will let you all know if I get the offer for the $99/$500 card.

In today's mail I received the offer for the $99/$500 card. I am on my way to the postoffice to mail my check!

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