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Providian 1/2 caves.......


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I am SOOOOO pumped!!! I just received my third letter from Providian in a month today. They went on and on about how the account in question was proven to be mine to their satisfaction. They stated that the debt is still payable to Asset Acceptance.

However, they then went on to say the following:

"Before closing, although we believe this account was correctly opened by you under your personal information, and that the information being furnished to the three major credit reporting agencies is accurate, since we no longer own the accounts associated debt, and as an EXCEPTION to our policy, we have advised the aforementioned credit reporting agencies to remove the account informationbeing furnished byProvidian from your credit profiles.

Please keep in mid that it can take up to 60 days for the credit reporting agencies to update their files; however, you may use this letter as confirmation of the actions taken on your behalf.

Thank you for your time.


1. Are they deleting this because they really can't prove it is mine?

2. Are they deleting this because I have been innundating the CEO and executives with emails detailing their FCRA violations?

3. Is there any way I can use this to have Asset removed from the 2 reports on which they remain? I guess I am asking this because although they have sufficient evidence that it is my account, they ARE removing it.

If the OC is asking it be removed, do I have a leg to stand on regarding Asset?

Thx people-


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Well..congrats. I think they just want to be remembered when you become the "Future Credit Superstar"... :)

1...possibly. I mean, they didn't really say they verified it...and they're claimed they "believe" the account was yours. If they could prove it, they would claim they were "certain" this account was yours.

2...I bet the CEO's been walking into the office to the account manager's cube after every friggin' email saying "what is it going to take to get this guy to stop??? Just delete the CRA report all ready!"

3...I think it's going to be an uphill battle. They explicitly state "the debt is payable to Asset"...which is just going to confirm to a CRA that you still owe them.

Are the coverying Asset's a$$? You bet...the wording is such that there is no other way. They're all looking out for one another...any chance they can screw a peon that didn't pay a tiny bill. It took away from their million/billion dollar profits...how dare you. :)

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