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FAKO verses FICO - MyCreditKeeper.com


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Hi everyone,

I just signed up for mycreditkeeper.com and pulled my scores. I noticed what appears to be an error in the TU Score Summary Section.

It said one of the reasons my TU scores was so low is:

In the past 24 months, you have missed at least 3 consecutive payments 24 time(s).

First of all, this doesn't sound logical. Second of all, I looked at the Summary Section and I don't show ANY lates in the History Section for any accounts for the last 24 months !!!

I do have a bogus Collection Item for $10.00 from Verizon that was supposedly sent to collections in September of 2000. Is this why they are listing me as late for 24 months? (This item also appears on my EX but they don't say anything about me being 24 months late etc....)

Does this mean that these scores are really FAKO and not FICO ?

Thank you for any help you can give me... :?:

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