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I just called TU about removing inqs...


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I just called back and they told me to contact the companies directly who made the inq.....ahhahahahahahahahahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :roll:


whether those inquiries are legit or not- dispute them DIRECTLY with the creditors who placed those inquiries- yes, simply DISPUTE THEM!

A. With those you got rejected when you applied:

call the creditors first- ask if they still have your application. if they say "we don't see your application in our system", then it's time to dispute-

under the E-Sign Act, creditors are supposed to keep the records for 25 months-

send them a letter of dispute with a copy of the inquiries. inform them that those inquiries were "UNAUTHORIZED"-have them verify those inquiries- failure to do so, under the law, those inquiries should be deleted-

most creditors simply deleted them-, however, some did not budge at first and sent me back a letter stating, "you submitted an application online" and "file a police report". (that's exactly how some responded to me, don't be afraid)- i insisted that they verify them(with ITS letter) -

after i sent ITS letter to some- they deleted them eventually-

B. With those with tradelines

reasons maybe:

if several inquiries from them, say "you have not submitted applications that many" please consider deleting them or recoding them as "soft" if they are done for account reviews

i have been successful in removing about 40 inquiries from EXPERIAN just within a month -

i shared this somewhere else because it worked for me-, some took it differently- but my intention is to share a technique that worked for me and that you may want to consider-

more power-

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One more thing....

On the 3 n 1 reports, are the hard inqs in the INQUIRES SECTION of cr?in PG, the inquiries that appear are hard ones

Because I only have one section with inquires but they don't say soft or hard. And did you have a live number for ex? I can't seem to get in touch with them. Thanks.

sexycreditgirl & flythai834,

i noticed we are all from ny-

more power

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