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Joint accounts are a bad thing!


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Joint accounts are a bad thing! :evil:

Woman charged in $1.6 million ID theft, San Francisco Chronicle, 8 May 05

"A Gilroy woman was arrested Thursday on suspicion of embezzling $1.6 million from her employer, some of which she used to buy a home, luxury cars and airline tickets, authorities said. . . .

The criminal complaint filed by the district attorney alleges that Martinez stole the money from the personal accounts of her employer by using the name and Social Security number of her employer's wife to access the couple's American Express account.

The thefts occurred over a four-year period and were discovered after Martinez left the job, according to a news release from the district attorney's office. An investigation found she allegedly used the money to buy a home in Gilroy, a Hummer, a BMW and round-trip airline tickets to the Bahamas for 12 family members."


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