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I wrote an earlier post about this one....but this is what I am going to try and see if anyone else has had any luck doing the same thing. I called my consumer counceling agency and they confirmed that I failed to make the payments in the months that Chase said I missed payments...they can't help me I asked them if they could negotiate positive history for my paying the account off in say 3-6 months. I recognize this will just go on until I make up the past due amount and am going to call in payment for $463..........

I wrote a Goodwill letter explaining to them that when I signed up for this service 4 years ago I did not have a full understanding of what it meant but was simply looking for a way to simplify my finaces after the purchase of a new home, new baby and start up of a new business...That my intention has never been to attempt to settle the account but pay it off in full and even accepted a rate increase when I put the card on the program..Untill last year I had not missed one payment in 4 years whille on the program and because I had become lax in reviewing my statements did not realized that I reflected a past due balance. Missed payments were in June and October or 2004 and whille I know of no reason why I missed Junes payment I was sure that they were aware that my area had experienced numerous hurricanes in September and October in which my home and business was directly effected. My hope has been that when I completed the program that we could resume a sucessful relationship with one anouther. As a small business owner I understand the impact of customers not paying their bills in a timely manner and would never have intentionally done so...I lied a bit here and told them that I was preparing to apply for a small bussiness loan in order to expand my business and that the negative tradelines would prevent me from qualifying for for an SBA program...Asked them to let me know if their was anything I could do to show my sincereity and good faith or any documentation I could provide them with to resolve this in a positive manner...I did not offer it but if they said if I pay the account in full I would jump on the offer.....

Heres keeping my fingers crossed it works...

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