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New On Board - Credit Bio


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Hello all,

Glad to be here and look forward to sharing and growing with all of you.

I have been practicing Credit Repair all by my lonesome with pretty decent results since 9/04. Wish that I had found this forum earlier...

Here's my story:

BK7 in 2000, 2 'just missed foreclosures' in 2002 (long story), 1 mtge workout to prevent foreclosure 3/2003, several medical and NSF fees collections and 2 wireless companies (one posted by CA and another by OC)

Success with:

8 Medical Collection Accounts (I must admit that I did pay 4 in full, 1 settlements and 2 others were never paid - billing errors -- all deleted)

1 AT&T Wireless (Deleted - had gone to 3 CAs because I always would fire out a Cease and Desist and they would send over to another agency within 6 months or so)

1 Mortgage (Changed to Never Late)

In my experience EQ has been most unresponsive and I live in GA. TU and EXP have been marginal but I tend to get better success with them.

My newest challenge(s) I'm focused on are below and I can post as separate to allow for the threads to be clear. I do not have a credit card. I do not have any retail cards or gas cards therefore I would like for these items to be off of my report before I proceed to my bank or a credit union in order to rebuild my file and look a little stronger.

Verizon Wireless (see separate post)

8/98 Last Activity

1/99 Last Payment

Pd/Chg Off

County/State Tax Lien (see separate post)

3/03 showing filed

8/04 showing paid

Allied Collections - Medical (see separate post)

12/03 showing placed

2/05 now showing paid

This credit rebuilding can be stressful sometimes but I'm in it for the longhaul now -- Goin' for 800!!!

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