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Allied Collections (Medical)


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Any guidance would be appreciated:

Allied Collections

12/03 showing placed

2/05 now showing paid

Reality: This is a duplicate billing element. ER and the Radiologist used the same account number. I paid the ER/hospital and they gave me a letter to have it deleted from the bureaus. Allied won't accept it as Deletion yet has now update the EQ report to show as PAID.

Guess: I recently DVd the CA and they did not return my Green Card. So technically I don't have a card in my hand although the PO has a record of it being delivered.

Action: Just cent another CMMR (2nd notice to Allied in more a a serious tone and will wait on their response) Also, considering considering contact the original creditor (a bit hesitant though because they are a 'Professional Medical Management Company' that apparently oversees the billing for about 12 - 15 other radiologists and such). TU and EXP accepted the hospital letter and deleted promptly. EQ states that they are unable to use the information that I have provided and later came back stating the entry had been reverified as accurate.

Goin' for 800!!! :goodluck:

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Since you were double-billed, did you pay the ER on time, and Allied received authority to collect on the duplicate bill? Do you have any type of written proof that you were double-billed?

If the answer is yes, there never was any debt to collect. Allied NEVER had authority, which means they have just violated federal law by verifying that TL. In order to ensure their demise, order a method of validation from EQ, then file suit against both Allied and EQ. EQ will most likely hang Allied out to dry.

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I like the way you think!

Yes, I did pay the ER on time and somehow (with the Radiologist moving/consolidating) whatever you want to call it...they were not notified (I think) that I paid the ER in 2002. I have nothing from Allied except for their posting on my credit reports. They claimed that they sent me 1 letter in the past. I do have proof that I was 'double-billed' however.

I sent out a letter to the CEO and VP of Cust Svc at EQ requesting MOV on Monday. Got my green card back from the CEO yesterday.

Appreciate your support and guidance and hope that others can learn from our efforts as well!

I'll keep you all posted!

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