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Arrow Financial controlled by Sallie Mae


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OK, am I the only one that didn't know this. Today has been quite a day. I called my sister at work today for the first time and found out that she works for ARROW FINANCIAL SERVICES! More than that, she said that Sallie Mae bought controlling shares of the company.

I began to talk to her about how much a pain in the butt they were and how they buy debts that can't even be validated and she was just like "well, that's how they come over to us so it's the original creditors fault" and I was like "yeah, well, I had to threaten to sue them blah, blah, and they finally cleared the fraudulent account"

She told me "well, if you got someone like me on the phone, I'd say "sue us" arrow doesn't care if you threaten to sue. You have to follow through on it" and I even asked her "but you don't even get paperwork regarding your debts" and she told me "so, we buy it from the company. If you want proof you have to ask early on" and so, before getting irate with my sister, I just changed the subject and talked about coming home in the next few weeks.

BUT, for your benefit, here's a little info:

1) they don't keep any paperwork on their bulk debts

2) my sister knows nothing about the FCRA, zilch!

3) this is my sister's FIRST JOB, she's over 40, and NOT a high school graduate. She is just recently entering the work force through a government program

4) she knows nothing and only does/knows what they tell her

Even more mysterious, is why Sallie Mae would want controlling shares! Anyway, this whole discovery has me loopy. I talk to my sister all the time, just never thought to ask her who she works for. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.

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Thanks for the inside info. VERY good to know..... And what she had to tell you sounds typical of most of the CA's.... they have very little info to go on and of course use bully tactics to get what they need. Customer Service skills not needed.

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