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Legal Question.....

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Wasn't sure if this was a legal or Mortgage question or a bit of both....BUT , Long story short...We applied for home refi. Had lots of problems with the company , they kept changing everything , so we finally said no deal and loan didn't go through . Then about three weeks later we get a call from a totally differnt finance company saying our loan was ready we just needed to come in and sign papers. Well I called to see who the heck it was and it turns out that Mr. Harold from the first company sent this company all our paperwork , our paystubs , our bank printouts and everything we had given him . Is that legal for one company to send out the things we gave only to that company to get a loan.

I had no idea that they sent it out , and would have told them no had they asked. It just bothers me that people I didn't go to for business now have all our info and I dont have a clue who they are.

So is that legal for a company to do ? and if not can I tell this new company to send me all my information ?


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