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Can someone give me a letter format


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If you want to send it to the company that is listing the inq. you can click on sample letters at the top of the page and they have a good one to use. If you want to dispute them with the CRA's just make it simple like you would any other dispute. Just state you are disputing the inquiries and list them. They have to do it even if they say they don't. Then they have 30 days just like any other investigation.

If they are under a year old let then know you didn't authorize them and want them removed . If they are over a year old you may try saying these were not for employment and I want them removed because its been over a year.

There is a section ( I think its the FCRA but im not exactlly sure) that states only employment inq. stay on for two years everything else is a year.

I haven't tried this route yet , so im not sure if it will work . But hey its worth a shot.

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