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Questions on a Mobile Home reposession

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I need some advice and I have been everywhere looking for the answers to this. I can find info on reposessing a CAR in Texas but not a mobile home.

In Texas, is reposessing a home considered a repo or a forclosure? My home was reposessed in 2/04. I was only 60 days late on my payment, my job sent me to Korea and the mortgage company would not work out payments with me. They did not notify in any way that my home was going to be repo'd and when. I was not notified after the fact of where to pick up my belongings AND they called my father to let them onto my property (which he did not have a right to do) to take the home.

I had no knowledge that any of this was going one until after the fact.

the original purchase price of the home was 34K, and it's listed as a balance on my credit report as 33k. I was never notified if it was resold or anything? Not to mention I was not ever able to recover my belongings that were in my home.

I am desperately seeking some legal advice on this matter.

anyone in the house???

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Call your state department of motor vehicles and ask them

They or the Attorney General might know which of those it would fall under.

I THINK it is still considered a motor vehicle... it depends on who it is placed on the foundation.

But those are two places you could start

Sorry to hear about what happened to you

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Depends upon the type of "mobile home." If we are talking about an actual wheeled vehicle or trailer, it is a repossession. If it is the type that is in a fixed, semi-permanent installation in a trailer-park, then it is a foreclosure. The difference is if it is truely mobile of if it involves breaking a foundation circuit to utilities (water, septic/sewer) or not.

Think of it this way: a bank can't "reposess" your house and remove it from the property by bringing in a crane and jacks and removing the physical building on a truck. Same for the mobile home.

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