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Does anyone know what this means?

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I know what dh means, but NH is a code I got from eq, when I went to pull a report.

For some reason eq is just blocked and can not pull, even tried from fico.

Since it is DH report, they would not talk to me until I fax over POA, he is on activie duty right now.

So I am sitting tight, when I find out I will post it!

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the dh was meant for my question.

as for not being able to pull your report, do you have a fraud alert on file. in that case you will need to call the agency you are trying to pull the report and verify it. as you mentioned it is your dh "dear husband" info you are trying to retrieve, so i guess you will have to wait for him to contact the agency.

if, in fact, this is the case of a fraud alert. any other reasons i am not sure of.

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