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Judgement / Trying to buy a house

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Put in an offer to buy a house-got the loan I thought-but a few days before closing judgement came up.

From 2003- for over $6,000 dollars-against husband, self, daughter and son-in-law.

Construction loan/for a basement. Company filed only (status) May of 2003

but showing Active??

This was intended for daughter and son-in-law when they were building a house on some land - which at that time belonged to myself and husband. Daughter and Son-in-law filed bankruptcy and paid part of this debt. Apparently they put this judgement on to me also.

Why is it coming up now? I recently sold my house back in Nov. 2004 and recently sold the land to my daughter and her husband just a few months back in 2005. Nothing ever arose-and now it is?

What should I do?

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