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New person here... needing *expert* advice (anybody?)


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Hi everyone!

I've been reading your postings for the last hour, and am really glad I found you all.

I've been reviewing my credit file religiously for the past two years now. My 3 scores from all three bureaus have been averaged at 740. I was curious to see if anybody knew what it took to get a score beyond 800? My credit history is only 5 years old, and I wasn't sure if 7 years or 10 years was a special turning point that would automatically make my score go up...?

I have a mortgage and a second... about 20 revolving accounts, with no late payments (ever). On average, my outstanding balances on my credit cards (which do not include my first or second mortgage) have a combined balance of $1000-2000 monthly, which are always paid in full every month. My balance-to-credit-line ratio seems fine... so why can't I get beyond 740?

I have more questions, but I'll leave it at this one for now. Hopefully someone will respond!

Anyway... it's good to have found you all, I will hopefully post often :)


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Thanks for finding us...we're glad to have you! Regarding your question, I would say the biggest limiting factor for you right now is your length of credit history. This accounts for nearly 35% of your score total, with usage being the next largest contributing factor. You will likely get a boost between 5-7 years and then another at 8+.

You do have quite a few accounts and it's quite possible this could be a negative influence on your score. If many of them are revolving accounts, this skews your diversity and can negatively affect score. Just make sure if you do remove some accounts that you leave your longest standing accounts alone.

Check out this resource for additional information about credit scoring:


This resource has an excellent table about score factors directly from Fair Isaac:


Best of luck boosting that score!!!

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