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Hard pull for opening a savings account

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Somebody at Bank of America did a hard pull when I opened up a savings account a few months back. I never even inquired about credit of any kind - just opened a plain old savings account. Is this a permisable purpose? Has this happened to anybody else? I don't recall signing anything that said they were going to pull a cr.

Edit: Sorry. After I typed this and hit submit, I realized that I was in the wrong place. Shoulda been "is there a lawyer...."

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I would say this is a probably a permissible purpose pull but more importantly-

I strongly suspect the paperwork you signed with the signature cards authorized a Credit Pull (Inquirey.) ( When you sign here you agree to the terms and conditions contained in the attached booklet which you agree you have received...)

The language authorizing it is usually in that thick booklet that they give you when you open and account , you know, the one nobody ever reads and just throw in their sock drawer or lines the birdcage with...

(That was my experience when I was a Commercial Banker.)

If you approach them nicely they will try to fix this for you and move it from a hard pull to a soft pull unless they are complete jerks... If they are jerks you do have remedys... let me know and I'll dust off the thinking cap (Watch out it is a very small thinking cap...) and come up with a few...

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