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Discovery-How do I?

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So, if you remember my case, my Citibank account went to a collection attorney who sent me a letter. I sent a RFV letter bu the sued me anyway without bothering to verify. I answered the suit and he went for and won a summary judgement in part because he highlighted all kinds of irrelevant text on a copy of the FDCPA I submitted to the judge to try to educate her. So, now I am trying to settle with the attorney. He quoted me a dollar figure greater than the principle, and doing the math it looks like Citi would settle for some thing like 70% of the principle and this lawyer is trying to squeeze me for his 25% of judgement legal fee. I wrote him back and told him he didn't deserve a dime since he used federal law for fish wrapper. He mailed me back his offer, which was the same money but also the demand that I sign a paper stating I waive the right to pursue any future action regarding how this debt was collected! It just keeps getting better every day! So, here is my problem;before I found this site I foolishly sent my request for verification regular mail...not certified. I know he got it as his legal secretary read it to me over the phone when I called after they sued me and she denied I asked for verification. Anyway, is there any way that on my own, I can get a copy of that letter? If I can just get my hands on it, I have a slam dunk case for at least $2000 against this guy. How can I get that letter without it being so obvious that he may feed it to his shredder? At this point I think he thinks I have a copy at my house. If I need the help of a lawyer, is any one specialist better than another? Thanks guys! By the way, just paid off my Discover card bill yesterday-high balance $7200, now $0! Yahhoo!

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