Collection agencies suck !!

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I received a letter yesterday from a CA on an account I paid off last year ( dental bill) I know it was paid in full to the OC because I went into the dentist and paid it. Well I pulled out my old checks and receipts and made sure I was right , and I had paid everything off in full ...then I called the CA.

After I told her the name ( which was wrong on the letter , but I said it just as they wrote it ) and she pulled up the account she said this has to be settled today with check over phone or credit card to avoid being put on my credit report or legal action ( in a snotty little voice )

I told her it has been paid in full on xxx date with check # xxxx at the office and I had the receipt saying paid in full 0 balance from the dental office signed by xxxx .

I asked when it was placed with them and she said the beginning of 2003 !! over TWO YEARS AGO !!! She said she would check with the OC to verifiy it was indeed PIF.

I asked if it was their standard practice to hold onto an account for over two years before they try to collect , so people will just forget they paid it or not have receipts to prove it and then you pounce in and ruin their credit and lives by harassing and placing inaccurate info on their credit reports and try to force them to pay .....she sputterd uuhhh , no .....then hung up on me :roll:


OK , done with my rant...I just can't beleive they hold onto stuff to try and wait out people so they can try to collect on things all ready paid !!

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HA-HA thats great stuff, I think you kinda P'd her off.

I never thought about that, I had CA calling me and sending me letter a few years after an account was overdue or I shoved it off and I know I had paid it in full or setteled with the OC years prior to the CA getting involved. I will for sure keep all of my reciepts and records longer now.

What are you going to do about the CA??

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