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A few questions


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I have a few questions... I search but didn't see what I was looking for.

My wife and I are getting ready to buy a house in the next few days/weeks. I have been trying to fix my credit for some time now, but her credit is good.

She has added me as an authorized user to 2 accounts...

1. how much does that help me?

2. is it better to setup joint acct?

3. is my "time period of credit" affected by these authorized user accounts? *from what I understand one of the things they look at is how long you've had credit.

Any help would be appreaciated.

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"...1. how much does that help me?"

lots, depends on the quality of the account itself and everything else that is showing in your file.

"...2. is it better to set up joint acct?"

not until AFTER your mortgage loan closes. This is not the time to be racking up inquiries or opening new accounts.

"...3. is my "time period of credit" affected...?"

Yep, which is one of the reasons this move is so recommended.

OPT OUT @ 1-888-567-8688

Don't have any inquiries unless they are essential.

Don't pay off any derogs. Make your mortgage lender force you to pay them off at closing.

Get a good broker.

Save your money.

Pay down all CCs to between 1% - 9% of their high balances (as shown on the reports). Keep a rolling balance ($5 or $10) until the loan closes. This will give you the best utilization #s and show you are using those accounts (which mtg lenders like to see).

Good luck!

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