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Here's a fun one!

J Miller

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Just playing the waiting game with our BK hopefully to be discharged towards the end of June.

I've been watching EX report as I get an update to any changes made. All seems to be going well until I get an update saying there have been changes.

2 Capital One cards on report. 1st, card shows IIB, second switches to Charge Off!

Oh goody! Violation! Charge off after the fact of a BK filing (the stay is still in place) Naughty, Naughty, Cap One just stepped in it.

I have 3 April reports showing late pays on that card, I have 4 May reports (each with seperate dates pulled) showing those same lates. May 30th they go and do this big no, no.

Fired off a IIB dispute, to start the paper trail. :)


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