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Need Advice fast....Asset Acceptance


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Hi again folks.

Here's the sccop...

I've got 3 piddly accts with asset acceptance. The grand total is only about 300 bucks which I've got onhand. I'm trying to negoatiate a pay for delete with these schmucks and am wondering about a couple of things.

First off, about 2 years ago I paid them around 9000 bucks to settle 2 cc accounts. (Same sad story....wish I had know about this group then). While I was told they would be deleted from my CR, they were'nt. They are currently showing up on my my Equifax report as

1. Open Accounts

2. PAID COLLECTION is in the Remarks column

3. At least 120 days or more than 4 payments past due,.

I don't know how they can be Open, or how they can be 120 past due, when they are zero balance and paid, but I'm saving those for dispute reasons if necessary when I get my first round of dispute results back.

They're due to fall of my report in around 8 months, but I want em gone now.

The collection lady from asset assured me that she would send me a letter stating that the account has been paid. I told her that on my Credit report it says paid collection and she promptly stated that that was a GOOD thing ?!? ??? because it didn't say account settled. It is my understanding that these accounts are having a negative impact on my credit rating.

Basically, I told her I would be happy to pay these other 3 accounts if I thought it was going to have any positive impact on my credit rating etc, but that it seemed to me that Asset hadn't lived up to their end of the bargain the last time, so why should I think they would now?

Currently, I am disuputing these older accounts with all of the credit bureaus as "to be deleted upon payment per agreements blah blah blah"

The thing is, if there is ANY way that I can work with them on this, it will knock out like 85% of my negatives on my reports.

Collection lady on phone says they have no pay for delete letter, only the letter that states that account is paid in full which she claims is all I need to have items removed from my CR.

I think thats a load. If they are still reporting it, then what the hell good is the letter from them, except maybe as toilet paper?

Any takers here? Any advice? I know that AA is the devil reincarnate, and i'm not expecting anything, but I sure would like to figure out a way to get this old sh*t gone while deleting 3 new ones too.

Is there a letter I can FAX to them,and have them sign it, that would serve as ammo to demand that the TL's be removed from my CR?


Thanks in advance.


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All I can say is that A$$et Acceptance is a crock.

I also have 3 accounts with them (one was just P.I.F.)

When you agree over the phone for a 'Pay For Delete' - you have to make sure that they send you a letter agreeing to those terms. If there is no letter from them, then they are basically going to lie to you. They get their money - and then say it was your word against theirs. They are a bunch of idiots.

I personally, have just been paying off my accounts for lower amounts, and getting letters stating that the accounts are paid in full. I don't have the time to DV them (when I know they are mine), and send out Pay For Delete letters...but if you have time, that might be the way to go.

Just last week I settled an account with Asset. I sent them a letter that they never responded to. I called them, and proposed an amount over the phone. I told them that I would not pay them, unless they AGREED to send me a letter with the agreed upon settlement amount to satisfy the account.

Needless to say, the woman told me that they do not have such letters, and would not be able to send me anything, but they would update my credit report. I then told her that they can just sit on my account, because I wasn't paying it. She then told me to hold, and five seconds later, came back on the line and said that her 'boss' agreed to the letter. Yeah....sure. You see - if I wouldn't have gotten a letter, I could have just sent in what we verbally agreed on, and they could have turned around and say that I owed them more, or sold the remaining to balance to another creditor.

So they faxed me over a letter stating that when $XXX.xx amount was paid, that account would be paid in full, and a release letter would be sent.

So remember - anything you do over the phone with them needs to be confirmed in writing (preferably with a signature) before making any agreements with them.

Once you have all the written proof in your hands, then you can continue on your way. Then if they don't hold up their end of the deal, you have a nice paper trail with signatures, and agreements.

Asset has the power to do what they want - and lying is what they do best. Keep that in mind when dealing with creditors.

I wish you luck on repairing your credit. Like everyone here says, it takes time, and doesn't happen over night. You will get to your goal soon enough though! :)

- Kari :)

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