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CSC is a pain in the &$$


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Ok, I disputed with CSC for 2 negs on 11 April. After recieving no response from them I sent a follow-up letter on 18 May demanding they delete the 2 negs for failure to investigate IAW the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC section 1681i.

They sent me a letter today stating:

Your request concerning your credit file has been received and we look forward to assisting you. To protect the confidentiality of your file, please forward to us the items listed below. This information is needed to process your request. Please send a photo copy of the following:

Social Security Card

Driver's License

Utility bill or Lease Agreement

Along with my follow-up letter I did provide them with a copy of my DL and my Military ID. I see no reason to send them anymore then what they have. I filed a complaint a few minutes ago with the FTC. What can I do?

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