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Canadian CA, any tips?


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About 10 months ago I moved in the same appartment building. I went from unit #301 to unit #102; I did my address change for all my utility bills without a problem except for one...

Because I stayed at the same address except for the unit #, it seems like this CC Company didn't see the change on my payment return slip.

I didn't get one bill since then and I did not notice it; this credit card is 3-4 years old and I really never used it...

I applied for a car loan 2 weeks ago and I was denied. The lady told me that i had a collection R9 on my CR and to contact Equifax to get a copy of my credit report. Which I did...

Funny because I have 2 credit card which shows no late payment, I have a personal bank loan for $10,000 with no late payment, I have a car that I bought 2 years ago at $1,400 per month with no late payment, plus another car that I co-signed which shows no late payment as well, etc, etc...

My record is super clean except for that credit card with a non-paid balance of $132.00

Now, because of this $132 i can't get any credit and it worries me a lot. I called that CC company and I told them that I'd like to pay the account - that I moved and I never got any bills. I asked them to please erase this from my record and I can make the payment.

She told me that my account was sold to a CA and gave me a phone number. I tried to call but they were closed; I did some reasearch online and found this website.

Now what I'd like to achieve is to have this delinquent account be erased from my CR. I live in Canada, and most of the informations I found here are from the USA; so I don't know exactly what applies here and doesn't.

My question is:

Is there a way I can negociate that they erase this account from my CR? Or can they only erase the part from where my account was transfered from the CC company to the CA?

CAs seems to be working on a commision basis - can I really negociate for a small amount of $132? Would they be inclined to go thru all the trouble for that small amount? God, I'd be willing to pay $5,000 so it can disapear from my CR.

Has anyone here have been through this with a Canadian CA? Any advises or tips you guys can give me? Thanks a million ;)


Here is the little guy that is annoying me:

From Equifax


From TransUnion



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