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Authorized user problem

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My ex never signed anything on 2 credit cards that I got prior to our divorce. However, I placed her on both as an authorized user. My understanding of authorized user is that she had the right to charge on the cards but she had no legal liability to pay.

After the divorce, she found that both were reported on her credit report. She called both companies and one agreed to remove her name from the account and to remove any reporting. The other one refused. I have since defaulted and it is adversely affecting her credit rating.

1. She has no legal liability, right?

2. Is there a reporting violation?

3. What would be the best way for her to force the second company to remove her name and to remove credit bureau reporting?


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If the OC wont remove it she can dispute it with the CRA's as not mine only authorized user. That might do the trick. Another option would be to write a goodwil letter to the OC, a higher up, and ask that they remove it as she has no financial responsibility for it. Good luck.

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