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Midland would irritate me if they weren't so amusing


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Disputed this acct with 3CRA's on 5/9. On one report it's listed as opened 10/31/01, no DLA. On 2nd report no opening date, no DLA, listed as an open acct. and factoring. #rd report list date opened as 10/01, status as 11/01.

The OC shows up on one report. It list DLA as 2/00.

So Friday we get a letter dated 5/25 from Midland telling us they are considering fowarding to an attorney with the intent to initiate legal action.

Saturday we get a letter dated 5/31 asking us for assitance so they can verify our dispute.....yeah, like I'm really going to help them do that...NOT!

Just gets me that they think we're dumb enough to believe these letters arrive a day apart but were written almost a week apart.

What schmucks!

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