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Whats the best way to watch all 3 scores? Monthly?

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Just wondering what the best way to "watch" all 3 scores on a monthly basis.

I've googled credit scores and they all 3 have products, but it looks like you could go broke buying each one.

Thanks and if anyone has some input, please also view my questions about deleting items and paid charge-offs from my credit report. It is under the collection bureau section of this site.

Thanks again in advance!


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I just recently subscribed to mycreditkeeper.com (MCK) for 9.95 a month I get all 3 reports with FAKO scores. I learned of it here. Until recently I guess you pull a fresh report daily if you wanted to. But now MCK and Privacyguard (a competitor) only pull fresh info from 3 bureaus once a month. So you can still pull your report daily from MCK (even thogh its updated only once a month) but the strange thing is people here say it still works for b.u.m.p.a.g.e

9.95 is fine for me though others here insist on paying 44.95 each time they want to check their progress because that way they get a report from all 3 CRAs each with the real FICO score from myfico.com.

I'm OK with my FAKO though because I don't think many lenders really use FICO anyways. All the lenders have their own model. E.g.: creditcard lenders use a model that asseses more weight to line-of-credit TLs, and auto-lenders have their own model which assigns a greater numerical value to auto financing TLs. The only lenders which seem to stick to FICO model are mortgage lenders. And in that scenario your FICO may be the least of your concerns when you bear in mind that part of the closing escrow process means the lender checks for various (County assessors) public records on you from current and past residences listed on your CRs for things such as other mortgages, judgements against you, tax liens. etc. etc. which would probably affect the outcome of whether or not you close escrow more than your FICO would.

Lastly, to muddy the waters even more... There are DIFFERENT FICO models. If you don't believe me look at people's signature's where they list their FICO & FAKO scores.. Supposedly Experian uses the FICO model to derive your score. But it doesn't match myfico.com pulled at the same time. *sigh* All that really matters to me is being able to check my progress and see the baddies coming off my CRs. To that end, MCK is fine for me. I know FAKOs, FICOs, & YURMAMOs will all go up if I keep at it.

A final note:

-about those public records I mentioned, when I say public records.. I mean PUBLIC RECORDS!

Here is my local County Assessors website. Follow the link below and paste my Mayor's name: MURPHY DICK into the box


It's probably not the same guy (Our San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy's wife's name is Jan not Barbara) But you get the idea. Check your own county's website. If your County Assessor doesn't have a website then you should be able to call or go in and ask if you have anything on file. If you do its usually about 7 or 8 bucks to get a copy. Any derogatory items could prevent you closing escrow.

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