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Lowes Instant approval anyone

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I got a 'We'll notify you of the results via e-mail within the next 24-48 hours.

Interpretations? Not instant, and not 7 to 10 days either.

Then filled out for BELK Premier card, same app process entireley, same look and everything, that one came back notify in 7 to 10 days... go figure.

I'm also 7 to 10 on Hooters, and 7 to 10 on US Air Barclays/Juniper.

All this is with my shiny new 675 TU Fico... I'd BETTER get some damn cards out of this!!!

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I was TURNED DOWN for Freakin LOWES with a genuine 675, and they even pulled the right report (TU).

Now that's very disheartening... I really didn't even prefer another store card, I wanted another visa/mc but was hard to find anything that I wanted that would ONLY pull TU.

Weird, I got instant approval when I had about a 640.


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In evaluating your request, a credit scoring system was used that meets the detailed standards for such systems set out in the regulation implementing the provisions of the Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act. This system assign a point value to various items of information which, taken together, have been demonstrated to predict the statistical probability that a consumer will pay in accordance with the terms of the transaction requested. The points obtained for each factor or characteristic considered by the scoring system were added together and you did not achieve the approval score assigned by the system. Since each category scored by the system contributed to the total score, no individual factor was solely responsible for your score being less than the approved score. Nevertheless, the factor(s) where you did not score well compared with other consumers have been determined and these factor(s) were:




The fact that a consumer does not achieve the minimum approval score required by the system does not constitute an adverse reflection on the consumer, but only represents our experience, on an overall statistically basis, with the various factors scored by the system.

If checked here, information contained in a credit bureau report from a consumer reporting agency was relied on in whole or in part in reaching the decision indicated above. In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the following disclosure of the name and address of each credit reporting agency furnishing a credit report in this instance is given below. This agency (agencies) did not make the decision in this instance and is unable to provide you with the specific reason(s) for our action.



CHESTER, PA 19022,



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Dude it's a bogus answer. I called and they pretty much told me I was lying that my letter said that... they said it was my score was too low... I kept insisting it said CANNOT VERIFY IDENTITY... he put me on hold forever, came back and apologized mumbling something about the computer letters lately and that I'd receive the correct denial in a week.... which... I still haven't received anything.

I also had the same thing happen with Belk and Walmart. I give up.

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