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This is what reflects on my credit reports.

*This is how it reflects on Experian Report*


PO BOX 922968

Norcross, GA 30010

Acct # 1111

Status: Account charged off/past due 60 days. $986 written off. $986 pas due as of July 2001.

Date Opened:


Type: Revolving

Reported Since: 03/2001

Terms: N/A

Date of Status: 07/2001

Monthly Payment: $0

Last Reported: 07/2001

Responsibility: Individual

*Now for my Equifax Report*

First National Bank of Omaha

PO Box 922968

Omaha, NE 68197-0001

Acct number: 1111

Date Opened: 02/2000

High Credit:

Credit Limit:

Terms Duration:

Terms Frequency:

Items as of date Reported: 04/2005

Balance: $322

Amount Past Due: $322

Date of last Payment: 12/2000

Actual Paymnt Amount: $55

Date of last activity: 01/2001

Date Maj. Del. 1st Rptd: 8/2004

Charge off: $322

*and finally, my Transunion Report*

Sterling Bank & Trust

Acct number: 1111

PO BOX 1170

ROYAL OAK, MI 48068-1170


Balance: $322 Date Updated: 11/2004 High Balance: $522 Credit Limit: $200 Past Due >$322< Pay Status: >Charged off as Bad Debt< Acount Type: Revolving Account Responsibility: Individual Account Date Opened: 02/2000 Date Closed 02/2001 Loan Type: Secured Credit Card Remark: <Profit and loss writeoff< Estimated date that this item will be removed.

I remember back then I had a A Sterling Bank & Trust Credit Card, however, these appear the same account--they share the same account number but different names...Does anyone know what's going on with this??

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