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To close or not to close!


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Currently, I have the following OPEN accounts with all 3 major credit bureaus:

American Express $10,000 cl (opened 04/2005)

American Express Platinum Charge (opened 01/2005)

Bailey Banks Biddle $500 cl (opened 10/2004) CARD LOST/STOLEN but on TransUnion showing OPEN account and not lost/stolen

Bailey Banks Biddle $500 cl (opened 10/2004)

Capital One $1,031 high credit (opened 08/2003)

The following 2 Capital One accounts are closed but they are showing as OPEN trade lines on Equifax:

Capital One $605 high credit (opened 04/2002) is reporting CLOSED on EXP and TU

Capital One $302 high credit (opened 09/2004) is reporting CLOSED on EXP and TU

JCPenney $300 cl (opened 01/1994)

HSBC HHL $1,100 cl (opened 08/2003)

Providian $2,800 cl (opened 09/1995)

PenFed Credit Union Line of Credit $25,000 cl (opened last week)

PenFed Credit Union Visa $30,000 cl (opened last week)

Chase Visa cl $5,000 (opened 04/2005)

I have 99.7% of my credit available!!!



I don't need a $500 Bailey Banks Biddle Jewelry store credit card. The trade line was opened in October 2004 so it's not all that old. I don't want to overextened myself with silly tradelines.

1. Should I close the accounts?

2. Should I not close the account but notify Trans Union that one of my cards were reported as LOST because currently TU is reporting 2 open BBB tradelines?

3. Neither 1 or 2.

4. Or give me your best answer.


I had 3 Capital One accounts but then consolidated the accounts ito 1. I closed 2 accounts but Equifax is showing 3 open accounts while TransUnion and Experian are showing 1 open account.

1. Should I have Equifax update my report to show 2 of the accounts as CLOSED?

2. Should I close all of the Capital One accounts since I don't need it and since it isn't a fairly old tradeline?

3. Neither 1 or 2.

4. Or give me your best answer.


Should I close the HSBC HHL account? It is a lousy $1,100.00 credit line and was opened in August 2003. It isn't that old; it doesn't have a high credit line; and it costs $59 per year.

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