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FNBM "OC" changed amount in dispute with CRA


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I disputed FNBM as not mine w/cra- came back verified. DV FNBM-received validation- then disputed with CRA- Account balance inaccurate.

FNBM changed the amount to 713 from 938. Which still is not right? Should I DV again? due to changes ? Any suggestions...

The account is listed like this:

First Natl Bk Marin

Loan type: cc

remarks: profit and loss writeoff

Balance: 713

date verified: 5/05

High balance: 938

credit limit: 0

past due: 713

pay status: charged off as bad debt

account type: revolving

resp: indiv.

date open: 5/01

date closed 2/02

DV again? Any suggestions? :(:?:

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Welcome! Hate to see you just hanging there...not sure I've got the answers, but here's my thoughts...

First, I assume this is yours, right?

Second, if so, there isn't much you can do about, except maybe offer a "pay for delete" (PFD). Its charged off(CO), which means it probably went delingquent in like July of '01...if so, that makes it pretty close to the Statue of Limitations (SOL) for Florida (I think). That means they can still try to collect, but if they were to sue you you'd have an absolute defense.

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I received about year worth of statments... ending balance 938.00. I never charged over credit limit. This was a secured card (400.00) deposit. No contract signature...No proof of deposit...Just statements

I stop paying when they refused to remove late fee for an account in dispute for charges that I ddn't make. They begin charging 29.00 late fee and 29.00 over limit fee each month.

FNBM added $58.00 per month as charges that included finance fee's. Closed the account, never crediting security deposit.

I notice on the last statements is was late charges and over limit charges.

Then they start stating payments, I did not make. FNBM was crediting over limit charges as payments. I have no idea how they reduced it unless taking off the late payments/over limit fees.

I DV again, requesting statements and requested information on security deposit and insurance claims information since charged off.

I know it still within the SOL in FL.... but I will PFD if I have too. I know the account should be lower.

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