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Paid charge off - Verizon


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OK i got a question about a verizon tradeline, i paid it off and have not done anything with the OC yet, only disputed through the CRA's and has been changed a cpl of times (i only disputed once) xheadscratchx it reads like this on EXP-


Company/Account Name: VERIZON WIRELESS

Company Address/Phone:

Account Number: 1708071392


Date Opened: 03/01/98

Last Activity: 09/01/02

Type: Open Account

Rate/Status: Bad Debt; placed for collection; skip

High Credit: N/A

Terms: N/A

Balance: $0

Past Due: $0

Most Recent Date Reported: 06/01/05

Comments on Account: Consumer disputes after resolution , Paid charge off

Now i see that it says type: open account . Its of course closed, and it has been verified by verizon thru the CRA. They updated the balance to 0 and changed it to paid, they later changed it again to what it reads in the comments.

My questions-

1. OPEN is a violation of the FACTA correct?

2. i have heard that PFB has worked well for others, What should i say?

3. Should i get the litigious mindset or still play nice for awile with verizon?

4. Status is wrong , am i right?

5. Has anyone else seen that comment before? looks like they actually did the right thing!

6. Exactly how would you dispute it VETS?

Thanks guys!

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I wouldn't worry too much about this. At best it's hitting you up for about 15 points on your score. The DoLA is nearly 3 years ago. But that's up to you...

Yes, status is wrong. It should read "Paid Charge-off." Type is not wrong if this is indicating that it is an open-ended account; meaning charges and credits occur each month with no fixed re-payment amount.

Utilities on credit reports suck, but they don't have a large impact on scores.

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