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Bk's and How They Report


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I am still working on my CR, but I have a few questions about my BK and how it is reporting. Please help.

Tradelines show Charge Off's with a balance included on BK tradeline

Tradelines shows PD Charge Off or Collection on BK tradelines.

Would you rather have that reported on the tradeline or it reflecting the BK. Or is it the same and does not matter?

What about DV letters to Creditors that were included in the BK? Is that still safe to do? Is there anything that I need to know about dealing with a tradeline included in BK?

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A debt validation is really not the appropriate thing with OC's that you have BK'd on. I am assuming that you did a chapter 7? :roll:

The balance should be zero period. So the fact that is being reported incorrectly is excellent. I gives you more ammunition to fight with. I would formulate some sort of a letter the OC's stating that "You are reporting an account inaccurately and are in violation of the FCRA and federal bankruptcy law.

I would consider the following as satisfactory regarding the resolution of this matter. Please ask all CRA's to which you reported the account to delete the account.

If you do not comply I will be forced to file complaints with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the XYZ sates Attorney Generals Office, and the Better Business Bureau.

Please act on the mater as quickly as is possible so we can avoid further waist of time and money. Thank you for your time and effort."

There is lot's to know about Included In Bankruptcy (IIB) accounts. First off, the last thing you want to do is get them all listed correctly. Then you have nothing left to sue for. You want to go for deletion. The date of status or date of last activity must be the month you filed BK. If say the date and the status are both incorrect then that's two separate violations of the FCRA worth $1,000 each.

Were the accounts charge off's before you filed BK?

As far as what looks better I think that having all IIB's listed as "Discharged in Chapter 7/never late" is best. But a negative is a negative. The thing is to get them off of your report.


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Ok, well I DV'd my BK accounts. What could or could not come out of that? Even the ones that showed a Charge Off status were disputed. I hope I didnt do anything to make anyone mad. Since they are BK accounts is there a chance that I will not hear anything from the DV's?

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