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Asset Acceptance & NCO medclear "gone at last&quot


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I finally go ASSET/NCO deleted... Using Ex online disputes. I did Dv just to cover my a$$.

4 accounts NCO/Asset/Ugly duck/FNBM

2 deletes

2 remain

Only thing Ugly duck was the oc and Asset "ca". Ugly only has 11 months to legal drop.... predict November delete via dispute.

3 paid collections to go! :D

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That's wonderful... Next challenge... for delete...

2 paid collections: EQ/EX (already deleted of TU)

Personal info: name spelling EQ ( the updated addresses no problem) (disputing now)

3 paid collections : EX

1 paid collection: TU ( this one will be finish) (disputing now)

Then I'm finished for a while... I will give CRA a slight break....about 60 days then dispute anything that remains.

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New update... just checked EX online - 1 more delete (collection co of America) gone... 5 still pending - EX still has 10 days to update...

I decided against letting them get a break....

I expect 3 deletes and 2 remains/updated... Then my EX cr will be correct.

I wish EQ was this easy...

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