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Go to Better Business Bureau and look them up. PDI management in costa mesa CA. They have been hounding my wife to no end. Calling her parents and work. Here is the weird thing. She files a CHP 13 wage earner plan a few years back. She has since paid off all her debt. NO CA has ever called her or any OC's. Her mom was trying to get a loan and needed my wife to get her credit report. A few days after she pulled it (through experian) she starts getting calls from PDI. Called her mom and said they were gonna take her house un less she paid. I laughed it is in my name. Needless to say i checked my credit and 3 days later they are caling my parents about my wife. Strange coincidence my wife has never had anyone call her in 4 yrs, he gets her credit report and wham they start calling.

PDI has an F rating from the BBB. wonder why?"???????

Hope that helps. Lemme know how it goes with you cause i am in the same battle.

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So PDI is calling on a debt that was discharged in after completing a chapter 13 repayment plan, huh?

Just get a lawyer and sue their butts off. If you have a mailing address send a written notice to cease and desist. Include a copy of the discharge paperwork and tell them that all future phone calls will be recorded. Do this by certified mail.

In the meantime, write down dates and times of every call and everything you remember. And start writing down details of every contact they make with you or anyone else about this collection. If you have witnesses (work, whatever) get signed affidavits. Give all that to your lawyer. I recommend contacting Edelman, Combs and Latturneu (www.edcombs.com). They may not take the case themselves if you are outside of Illinois, but they will refer you to an affiliate in your area.

Here's the FDCPA violations I see so far:

Attemting to collect on a discharged debt.

Threatening a legal action they cannot take (lawsuit to take house)

Disclosing information to a 3rd party regarding the debt.

Calling a 3rd party more than once (they may only call 1 time to locate a person, no more).

Misrepresenting the amount and legal status of the debt (it doesn't exist).

If there is something on your Wife's credit report from PDI, then add on FCRA violations for reporting false information to the CRAs. They can't collect on non-existant debt.

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When the guy got me on the phone, i asked about my wifes credit report stating a balance of zero which had been reported and two other CB's that had shown a balance. He said it was wrong and If i wanted to I could watch him update the debt because by law he is required to update the new debt??? He then said he was gonna garnish our wages. whatever

We called the bank to verify and they said that the card was paid off and no balance was showing. We told them PDI said they had bought it. The lady on the phone said she had never heard of PDI. My poor wife has been in tears for a week. She is so embarassed. I am still trying to research them. Any info from anybody will be greatly appreciated.

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You have no more need for research. Just bring in a lawyer and have it dealt with through the system. Just document/record all further contact with them.

If you don't have an address on them by now, they are in bigger trouble as they must send you a written notice within 5 days of the first phone call.

Stop making this more work for yourself and get a lawyer to sue them on your behalf. It's obvious they are not going to leave you alone without dropping the legal hammer on them.

Lawyers who handle FDCPA cases generally do it for no charge to you because the law allows them to take their pay directly from te offending collector.

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Does anyone have an email address for someone at PDI Management. They are reporting FALSE information to the credit bureaus. GRRRR!
Most of us on this site are dealing with, or have dealt with, false information on our credit reports.

An address of


625 THE CITY DR. SOUTH, SUITE 150 ORANGE, CA 92868-4971

is listed in this sticky (permanent) thread:


Or perhaps big-shooter might have a current address for you as he's recently been dealing with PDI.

In a nutshell, you first need to DV PDI via CMRRR. Once you receive your receipt back from your CMRRR (green card) then you dispute the TL with the CRAs. If it comes back "verified" without having been validated by PDI, then you have them on an FDCPA violation.

Speaking of sticky threads, here is a great one from this site for when you're first starting out on your credit repair journey:


If you're confused by all the acronyms on this site, look here:


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