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acct changed from paid as agreed to charged off as bad debt


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I noticed that on my TU report pulled on 10/04 and 1/05 that an old Providian account had a staus as of 6/2004 of paid or paying as agreed. This account was sold to a JDB in 2003. In any case during my recent round of disputes one 5/11 (I did not dispute this acct) the status was changed to "charged off as bad debt". It was updated on 5/25 but the account has been closed since 2000. Does anyone have any explanation as to why this happened. I don't want to assume there was foul play without having my facts straight. BTW I was sued by the JDB and lost intially, It was later dismissed with prejudice.

I was also wondering what the pay status should be for accounts that were paid via transfer etc. As it stands I have no collections and most of my derogatory accounts have 0 balances as they are mostly student loans that were at some point transferred or consolidated. In other words if an acct is charged off but later sold is the pay status still "charged off"? Thanks!

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