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i just applied and was approved, does anyone know what the cl is when you first start. i applied for the unsecured card if that helps. thanks. oh and btw, any good experiances or bad experiences with this cc, would like to know?

Thanks all!!! :lol:

Just about everyone here agrees Orchard is a good start up card. You'll get either $250 or $300 to start.

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just called up, cause i couldnt wait to find out, lol!!! it is a $300 limit. woohoo.. anyway, as it stands i have 4 good accounts, this will make 5. my question is when i first started my credit repair i applied for first premier (i know people arent too anxious about having this card), some time ago i had also applied for the orchard cc and was declined. (man, i tell you this site has helped me a bunch, all scores in the low 500's, when i first started), anyway after getting denied from orchard i applied for some cc, through the credit card link on this site and was approved for a total visa card. limit is $250, i have to pay down the $250 before I can even start charging anything, i am wondering being that ive only had it since april, should i go ahead and close this account. it just started reporting on all thre cra.

Thanks for any and all input.

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