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Do credit bureaus report my inquiry's to my CA??

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First time poster here, I have been reading for about a week and learning so much, thankyou all for such a great resource.

Now to the question, I received a letter in the mail from RMA the other day for a bill that I had with Direct TV in 1999. I had just applied for a new car and was turned down about 2 weeks ago. The letter starts:

"Equifax Credit Information Services shows that an inquiry has been made on your credit report. If you have applied for credit or employment that would require a credit inquiry, call us to resolve this account."

I pulled my report in April and there was no Direct TV or RMA there. NOW on my new report, they have 2 accounts for DTV one for $306.00 with Date of first Delinquency as 1/2000 and one for $117.00 DOFD as 3/1999 I didn't have 2 accounts ever! This was 6 years ago, I thought it would be dropping soon, now it seems they are reageing?

Is this legal? I have been searching for info on this but haven't hit the right words yet I guess.

I have DV this and started an inquiry with Equifax. Tomorrow I am going to pull the other 2 and see what they say.

Thanks for any input you may have, sorry for rambling on :)

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