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Is this a violation? Help! Confused!

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Ok, I'm a "newbie" and still learning as a go along...

This one is confusing. I have a TL on my TU report from "Superior Credit Services." It's for a T-Mobile account that's been paid, but I can't find a cancelled check. So I DV'd them on 5/31. I've gotten no response.

This shows on my EX CR as being from "Superior Asset Management." Today I rec'd a letter from Superior Asset Mgmt dated 6/15 offering me a settlement on the account.

Are both of these the same CA doing business under 2 names? Both Superior Credit and Superior Asset have the same account # and amount. Both addresses I have are in Fl, one in Ft. Walton Beach and on in Clearwater.

And since they haven't verified the debt, does this qualify as a violation?

Any information anyone has on these CA's would be appreciated!

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I have the same thing. I paid off T-Mobile, and they used two CAs to try to threaten me. They ignored my DLs completely. Superior Asset Mgmt called us on the phone and tried to get us to settle. I have given up on dealing with them and hope to clear this with disputes through the CRAs.

Can't you find proof that you paid them off? You can order back cancelled checks from the bank. I have my proof, but T-Mobile and their CAs ignore it completely.

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