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FYI: Nationwide Specialty Credit Bureaus

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Nationwide Specialty Credit Bureaus:

Consumers throughout the country can now get these specialty reports for free. The Federal Trade Commission had declined to publish a list of all national specialty credit bureaus, but we believe that the following companies meet the criteria. Let us know about other companies that should be added to this list.

Insurance History:

ChoicePoint CLUE Auto History: 866-312-8076

ChoicePoint CLUE Homeowners' History: 866-312-8076

ISO's A-Plus Auto and Property Databases: 1-800-627-3487

Employment History:

ChoicePoint Employment Reports: 866-312-8075

Provides reports only if it provided your report to an


Residential Tenant History:

Accufax: 800-256-8898

American Tenant Screen: 800-888-1287

Choicepoint Tenant History Reports: 877-448-5732

Provides reports if it provided your report to a landlord.

UD Registry: 888-275-4837

National Tenant Network: 800-228-0989

Safe Rent: 888-333-2413

Tenant Data Services: 800-228-1837

Tenant Screening Services: 800-388-2335

Check Writing History:

ChexSystems: 800-428-9623

Certegy Check Services: 866-543-6315

International Check Services: 800-526-5380

SCAN: -800-262-7771

TeleCheck: 800-710-9898

Medical Records or Payments:

Medical Information Bureau: 866-692-6901

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Can you ask that this post be made into a sticky? I would probably add a bunch to it.

Oh yeah, and about LexisNexis, I think you can subscribe to them through Merlindata.com but only if you can dig up proof you have a "legitate business use." They have a free trial period but again you have to show biz documents.

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