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I have just a few baddies left the most serious being Chase Visa...I can't seem to find a name in at Planet Feedback to send a good will letter to... Account is managed under Credit Management High Balance was $8014. I owe $3021...Missed 2 payments to credit management last year...June 04 and October 04 due to hurricanes...no previous lates with the co even before Credit Management...Chase reported 30 days late Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct and 60 days Nov - May when I caught and made the account current...Min agreed upon payments were made every month except June and Oct 04...Called Chase they were rude to say the least said they would look into it and notify me in writting...I got a generic letter stating that the information reported is correct and no changes would be made...Now I can see reporting me late in June and Oct but this is rediculous it does not seem right....I have proof of all other payments and proof that account was made current...I have disputed so many times now I think it will be considered frivolous so want to attempt a good will letter...?? how do I find an e-mail for a higher up? and how do I negotiate this as its under CM and considered a closed account....

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