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Tax lien was updated...in a bad way


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Hi guys,

Back to the tax lien issue that I've been bringing up periodically since my luggage hit the deck at creditinfocenter...

Before I found the board my husband had disputed the tax lien because it was not showing as released

previous status: $4,433 with a file date of 6/1995 no release date

status after he disputed it as being paid:

$44,333 filed date of 6/1995 release date of 4/2000

He disputed it again in May on the grounds that the amount was wrong (it SHOULD be $4,333)

They only updated it to say that the release date is now 8/2000 - sheesh, they increased the amount and extended the release date by 4 months, what is going on??

Obviously the amount is wrong and now the release date is incorrect, what is the best way to dispute this? Online or with a letter to the CRA and since it has been disputed twice in the last six months and updated incorrectly are they really verifying it? What "type" of letter.

I got my Good Credit is Sexy book in the mail yesterday I'll start reading cover to cover ....hoping still for some interactive advice.

Thanks so much!!!

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Some of your explaination is confusing, more details or a cross link to other posts you've made about this issue may be helpful.

Are these state or federal liens?

In any event can you get original copies from the entity that placed the lien? I'd send a certified, possibly notarized copy of the actual paper work with an explanation cover letter to the respective CRA(s)

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Sorry for the confusion Sultan, thanks for the response. :D

It's actually a state lien, he also has a federal lien showing (both were paid through payment plans)

My other posts didn't really give much information on this so it probably wouldn't help much to point to previous posts as I was asking more general questions then.

We have a copy of the paperwork from the courthouse and I hope I'm not oversimplifying but trying to not discombobulate the issue too much ..the bottom line is that after 2 disputes with the CRA they keep updating with the wrong release date and wrong amount.

The amount should be: $4,433 with a release date of 4/2000

What they are currently showing is: $44,333 with a release date of 8/2000

Should I speculate that they are not getting proper validation of this lien and what is the best course of action?

It would be fantastic if it could come off completely due to improper validation but at the very least we'd like it updated to the proper amount and release date.

I'm new here and could be talking outta my butt too ...this is all so overwhelming, I'm skeered I'll do the wrong thing and not get optimum results.


Thank you!!!!!!

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I would call the tax people ask them to give you an updated status over the phone. Make sure it is correct. And then ask them to send that to you. There is a name for the actual report but I forgot it, sorry. Then I would make a copy and send it to the CRA and tell them they didn't do a very good job verifying. Shouldn't have any problems.

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