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Sue or be Sued?

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I have DV'd a CA twice, no response, no validation sent. I have emailed both the CEO and president of the outfit, no response. Neither have they responsed to a PFD - I have filed letters of complaint to the BBB,FTC, and both State AG (theirs and mine). Whilst I have about 5 violations that I can sue on, though they are about 9 weeks shy of the SOL, (UCC 4 yrs for services and goods - as it is an old medical collection) is it safe to say file my ITS with them now,and see if they will roll over, or absolutely wait until the SOL expires, and just the lawsuit period. The amount is $70 - I doubt if they would counter-sue on $70 v. the $5K for violations ..but u never know..any other suggestions....

this is stemming from an old doc. charge where I was double-billed by the doctor, and the insurance did not pay it because it was a duplicate..however the doc still tried to collect on it, and sent it to the CA - I have also requested that my insurance open up a fraud investigation on the doc, who claims they no longer have actuall records...just billing statement and I suspect this is why the CA cannot validate with me either

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If you can prove the double billing, I would sue the CA and name the Doc as a co-defendant. I would look at defamation as well as the violations you already have.

I bet they settle before you get in the Courthouse doors.

Also file a complaint with the medical board in your state about this fraudulant billing.

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