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Success!! We closed on our land this week...


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I just came to this board in February. At that time I thought there was no way our credit was good enough to be approved for anything. After reading for a while and getting copies of our reports, I realized we weren't as bad off as I had thought. Most of our bad accounts had dropped off, and I disputed a few others and they came off, too. In March, we found a piece of land just outside of town, and fell in love with it right away. We were still a little skeptical since we hadn't applied for credit in so long...but everything went smoothly and we were approved for 100% financing on the land!! :D

After being in credit hell for the last 8 years, it feels so good to have closed on this loan without any problems. It feels like we're actually part of society again. lol

Now we are in the process of getting a construction loan. We have been pre-approved for an amount that is more than we need, so we are happy about that. If everything goes as planned, we should be able to break ground in about 30-60 days. :shock:

Thanks to everyone on this board for all of their knowledge and support!! Without you, I would still be sitting here thinking my credit was in the crapper. :lol:

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