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Due to business travel I am looking on depositing a large sum into a secured card, both for convience and help on credit. What is the best or better secured cards. I'm not much concerned about APR but more on the possiblity of having the account switch to unsecured (or other awards for good history). Anyone have any good card suggestions. Im looking at about 5-7k. Thanks.

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BofA offers a secured card where you can deposit up to $10k. Will convert the card to unsecured after 12-18 months of good account activity.

Kinecta Credit Union offers a secured card up to $25k. You can become a member by becoming a member of the "Consumers Cooperative Society of Santa Monica (CCSSM) - requires $10 nonrefundable membership fee to CCSSM."

Secured Card info:


Membership info:


This is the best I can find for $5k+.

If you're looking for UP to $5k, your choices increase greatly. Wells Fargo, National City, Chase, most other credit unions, etc.

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