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Anyone want tp call 888-478-2274 for me?? LOL


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In a similar situation. Kept getting a 1-800 number come up on caller ID with no message left. But I googled the number and got no record. Sadly, I lost the 1-800 number, may find where I layed it later but no matter. And yes Virginia, there may be no Santa Claus but pay phones do exist at most gas stations.

So I went to gas station that happened to have a verizon pay phone, dialed the number, and got an operator coming on saying code 51. So I waited a minute and called back. Got a busy signal. Called back again, got busy signal. Gave up. Don't know who was at other end of number, maybe a CA or maybe not. But cheer up, if they had caller ID they know that someone in a city I do not live in called them. I do hope Verizon charged them because it cost me nothing.

But does anyone know what code 51 means?

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