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Approved for Direct Merchants Bank MC

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Good News. I was approved with a CL of $2,500. My scores are in the footer. One year ago, I had to pay to get credit. Here are some other cards I have:

CAP 1: $1,100 (combined 2 accounts, originally approved for $250)

HouseHold Bank: $1,000 - 2 increases in one year

Wal-Mart: $900

Aspire: Origianlly ~1,600 now at 2,200. with free online bill pay.

There are others but these are just a few.

I was just turned down by AMEX Green for Chargeoffs. I am done applying for the year. Soon, I should have FICO's above 700.

It's a great feeling and this board has been instrumental in my success. Thanks Everyone!

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