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Round 1, What's Next -I hope someone will reply


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I think that I'm getting the hang of this credit repair thing thanks to this wonderful site.

I received my credit report from TU and EX and I started disputing online.

The first thing I disputed was charge -off's that should had been included in my Chp 13 bk and wasn't listed as such with both CRAs. EX verified and changed all of the charge - off's as included in BK right away.

TU took some time, and I received my update CR today. With TU I also disputed a couple of collections as not mine. Today when I received my CR the collection's were delated and one of my charge-off's were updatedd to say included in bk, but there is two charge-off that I have proof was included in BK that was verfied and not changed. What do I do about them? Contact CRA again or company directly. I'm not 100% sure how to handle this.

Now I have started the second round of disputes with EX. I am disputed collections as not mine and I am also going to start second disputes with TU as not mine as well as there is a judgement that was paid that isn't showing as paid.

I am very happy to get a couple of things going. I am still waiting for EQ to send me mine CR. They didn't merge the two reports with my maiden name and my married name together, so I had to write them requested that the combine the two reports and resend it to me. However, I did order it from mycreditkeeper. com so I have seen what I need to dispute.

TIA for the wonderful advise.


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Thanks for replying.

Yes that is my question. How do I handle the collection account that should had been IIB but was suppostly verfield. I will be sending a letter to the company today. One question do I send it CMRRR?

Again thanks for replying, I have gotten alot of information from this site, but it seems hard to get a response from here.

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