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Ive been paying midland on an old account for about 6 months now. I just wanna get my debt taken care of and move on. I dont have enough cash to settle. Well a couple of days ago midland just bought another one of my accounts which droped my score again. They now have 2 accounts on my credit report. The one they bought has a last activity date of Feb 2000. I live in Cali. What the #### can i do. Sorry im a little upset.I was trying to play mister nice guy but that dont work i guess. Please help and inform please. Im very frusterated now.

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Nice guy doesn't work with these folks.

What state are you in?

How old are these debts?

Are the in or out of statute? (I am guessing out)

Depending on your state, you could still have an out, although in some states a promise to pay or payment can restart the SOL.

With regards to the new account, send a DV letter to Midland and when you get the green card back, dispute the account with the CRA's so you can get the auto violation of continued collection activity.

All your endeavors should be documented and presentable for court, because suing them is the best way to get them to go away.

Get a tape recorder for your phone as well.

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I live in California, the debt im paying on now with midland was last of activity Mar 2001 for revolving account. The one they just bought and put on my credit report was last activity of Feb 2000 for a revolving account also. Ive been making payments for the first account. Is statue of limitations still in effect for new one. I only got a alert on my report about it a couple of days ago. Should i contact a lawer to help me out or what.Im gonna ask for validation for new account for sure. Thanks for helping out a frustrated person out.

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When you go to the post office and send something certified mail, return receipt (CMRRR), the Return Recipt portion is a green card attached to the mail.

The mail carrier is supposed to take it off and send it back to you so you have 100% proof positive of who signed what and when.

CA's can't play this "we never got it" game

Now, when you dispute a debt, the collector must cease collection efforts until the debt is validated. If they continue to make attempts to collect, that is a violation and you can layeth the smacketh down on them.

There are many ways to continue to collect, which is pretty much doing ANYTHING that could cause you financial harm, annoyance, inconvienence, calling, writing letters, pretty much looking in your direction.

There is no federal timeframe where they must validate, nor a requirement to ever validate according to the FDCPA.

But they can't collect until they do.

In the FTC's opinion, verifying a TL with the CRA's is considered continued collection activity (wollman letter), so....in this day and age of E Oscar (CRA's electronic verification tool), they can verify pretty quick, and most CA's are run by idiots and the collection/dispute department doesn't talk to the credit reporting department, and well see there are mistakes and oversights.... which means that more often than not the TL WILL be verified before they send you validation.

This is continued collection activity, a FDCPA violation, go to a judge, and collect 1k.

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