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Help! Bank of America moved my account to a law firm named Connor, Cohen, and Thomas. Are they really a law firm? If so, I didn't claim ownership, but offered to pay $25 a month if they could validate the debt. I'm having a second child tomorrow, wife is being induced. She'll be out 6 weeks unpaid, and I have to get a second job. I only got in debt when she had spinal surgery, because she only had short term disability insurance. What do I do? Send a debt validation letter? Can they take my house or car, I'm in PA. She said the attorney would not accept $25 a month, and that I should apply for a loan. I told her my credit score was ruined. What can I do. Ladyinred, help!

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Stop making offers to pay.

Send a DV, CMRRR and see what they come back with.

They want you to get flustered because they are a big, scary "law firm"

How old is this debt?

What is it from?

Get a tape recorder and stay off the phone until you have one.

In the DV, say it is inconvienent for them to contact you at any time/place and your employer doesn't permit calls at work.

Whatever you do, don't get a loan.

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In the past, and at least for right now, tenants by the entirety should protect your home as long as you and your wife own the home jointly, and the debt is not joint.

How old is the debt. When was it last current. Pa. is a non garnishment state. They can not garnish your wages.

Your car is probably safe. Not sure why, this is what my Pa attorney told me.

Hope this helps a little. Attorneys will intimidate you into paying more than you can afford, but Pa is a debtor friendly state.

By the way, did you google this attorney.

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I tried calling the Pa Bar association. Seems a little more info that what you gave is needed. For instance county.

There is a Philadelphia Bar association if you are in the Philly area. Otherwise, I would suggest you try calling the PA Bar Association. You will need a First and Last name to check out an attorney.

Try this number. 1-866-529-4872

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Thanks to all who replied. I live in Allegheny County. The debt is mine solely. I have other debts. Can I stay out of legal trouble if I just pay $25/month, or should I send debt validation letters for all collections agencies? Creditors include Citi BOA, AMEX, Target. I want to pay, but can't pay them more than $25 per month right now. When my car payment drops next July, I will pay them each $125. Can somebody guide me here? Don't want to apply for bankruptcy. Totall debt owed is $30K. I also googled them, didn't find them. I also checked Dunn and Bradstreet, under their name, in the state of GA, no luck. I'm going to pull their 800 number in a directory at work. I really don't want to lose my house, and not pay this debt. My parents both died before I was 25, and I would never ask my grandmother or aunts for a loan. Too ashamed, but never EVER expected wife to have spinal fusion surgery, where I'd have to charge utility and grocery payments. Prior to that, my debt was manageable.

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Also, this card was opened in 2002, paid on time until 2004. Went to collections in 2005. I'll send a DV letter, not sure what the ccrrr is? Please don't give up on this thread just yet. My wife is scheduled to have our second kid tomorrow, then I'll be creating the DV letters and sending them out, depending on what kind of advice comes back. THANKS TO ALL!

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Making offers to pay could be construed as an admission of the debt. Making $25 offers to pay won't keep you out of legal trouble. The only thing you could do paymentwise is to pay in full, which is exactly what they want. If you want them to go away, gain some leverage over them and start suing.

Send DV letters to the Collection agencies. Right now.

Name, date, addresses of relevant parties

"I dispute this alleged debt entirely and request validation. It is inconvienent to contact me at any place or any time, and my employer doesn't allow calls at work"


After that, go get an in line phone recorder from radio shack.

Paying them will do nothing but encourage them and trash your credit further. Gain some leverage on them and you may quickly find them owing you money and deleting. Stop be afraid and start getting angry.

I say again:


DV them now, CMRRR. When the green card comes back, dispute any TL's on the CRA's.

Get a phone recorder. Today.

Call back on your terms with a tape recording rolling and see how many times they violate.

CMRRR= Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested.

The Return receipt is the green card that shows you who signed what, and when. Good evidence in court.

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Oh Lord, TCT.. these guys are nothing but a scumbag collection agency. They have a very bad reputation for violating the FDCPA and are a really nasty bunch of thugs. These guys resort to high pressure and initimidation to scare you into paying. Don't give in to their tactics, assert your rights under the FDCPA.

TCT is part of the whole CollectAmerica trash collectors. You can read what Bud Hibbs has to say about them here:



Since they're in GA, THEY can't sue you, they'd have to hire a PA attorney to do that. Your house is probably in no danger, especially so if your house is deeded as 'tenancy by entirety'.

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