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DV'd CA without response

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I have two collections on my CR's the original OC was verizon - The two collections are from Collection Company of North America. I sent my DV letter to them and received the green card back a coupla weeks ago, meanwhile I disputed with the CR's. I just received my CR back from equifax stating that the Collections were verified. I was a little confused as to how I ask for the method of verification from the CRA's. Do i do this in a letter or do i do it on the phone?... and the second letter to the CA, should that be the same letter as the first DV? Help - Yes I know that there are tons of things on here that refer to this -- but I just want to make perfectly sure that I do the correct thing. I need these off of my report pronto!

Thanks for any help!

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I'm having the same problem. I wrote to the CRA and asked for method of validation- still awaiting response. I sent a followup letter to the CA :

Collection Bureau of Hudson VAL

155 N Plank RD

Newburgh, NY 12550-1747

June 6th,2005

Re: Acct # XXXXXXX

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is being sent as the result of your failure to respond to my previous correspondence, a copy of which is enclosed along with a copy of delivery receipt. You have not complied with FDCPA and are now in violation of section 809(B).

Kindly remove the collection from my credit file or I will have no recourse but file suit for violation of the above statute.

They did not respond. I honestly do not have the time to go to court -travel extensively for work and the CA is in NY while I live in TX. The debt is an old medical NY collection (I think).

Like you at this point I did not know what to do. I posted a question I think under the credit repair forum and was told my nect step should be to file a complaint with the Attorney Generals office in both states.

As a rule you should always have a paper trail- thats why you shouldn't call the CRA.

Hope this helps

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In Tx, they have 30 days to DV. Get a good consumer lawyer and sue them, stop sending silly threats to sue and just sue.

Do all correspondance in CMRRR letters.

Dispute any TL's and if they verify, sue.

There is no timeframe where they have to validate, as far as federal law. Some states mandate it, while some courts mandate it as well.

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